June 23, 2013

Light Bringer: Hyperion

When I first discovered Light Bringer, they immediately became one of my favourite Japanese metal bands. And then they were one of my favourite metal bands. And finally, one of my favourite bands, period. That all took about a day or so.

The stars alligned perfectly: hyperactive power metal with regular progressive and neo-classical flourishes; virtuosic guitar and keyboard solos; and an angelic voice carrying achingly sincere, operatic melodies. This is definitively my kind of music, trained on with expert precision.

It's not unusual to find a new band, get over-excited about how new and wonderful they are, and gradually lose some of that original enthusiasm as the years go by. Often, it's a case of a group rapidly becoming less like themselves, and more like everyone else -- or the original novelty wears off, and it seems like each album is just more of the same. I'm so happy I can say with confidence that this is not happening with Light Bringer. Their latest album Scenes of Infinity, is definitely as fresh and fun as ever, the instrumentals are urgent and powerful, and this might be vocalist Fuki's best and brightest effort yet.

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