March 31, 2014

Draugen Trailer Surfaces From the Depths

Norway-based Red Thread Games, founded by the creator of The Secret World and The Longest Journey, recently announced development of an intriguing new project, Draugen.

The game is billed as "a first-person survival horror adventure set amidst Norway's dark fjords and snowcapped mountains in the early 1920s." Story and gameplay details are scant, but the plot will involve uncovering "the deepest, darkest secrets of a remote fishing community where every single soul has mysteriously vanished."

The term Draugen references an undead creature in Norse mythology, though it is unclear at this point whether the game will focus on supernatural elements or if this name is metaphorical in nature. No doubt, the answer to this will remain a mystery for some time.

The new teaser trailer isn't giving up any hints, though it sure does look like a creepy game!

That author's narration is certainly ominous, though I caught myself raising an eyebrow at some of the wording. "Tonight, the ocean comes for me"? Since when does an ocean come for anyone? I think they're more or less stuck where they are...  Oh well.

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