February 16, 2014

Mass Destruction

I picked up Persona 3 Portable on sale for about $10 on PSN the other day -- and, call me obscenely late to the party for finally grabbing the third edition of a game originally released in 2006, but I have to say it is a nifty little game.

Technically, I have tried to play Persona 3 FES on PS2 a couple of times before, but I had trouble getting into it previously, and found it difficult to get a grasp on what my goals should be, what choices I should make, and what the consequences of my decisions would be.

With P3P, I've resigned myself to not caring too much about screwing up or finding every little thing, and just diving in. So far, I have to say that this game is great as a portable title, with ample opportunities to save progress in between dialogue scenes and chunks of dungeon exploration. It's a perfect distraction for bus commutes!

Despite all the monsters and magic, the game doesn't take place in a high-fantasy setting, but rather in modern times. Fittingly, the soundtrack follows suit and avoids the usual epic, orchestral RPG tendencies in favour of jazz and pop influences. The battle theme is a great example of Persona 3's sense of style, so for today I thought I would share this re-worked, live remix from the album Persona Music Live Band.

Track: Mass Destruction
Album: Persona Music Live Band
Game: Persona 3
Original Composer: Shoji Meguro
Remix by: Lotus Juice, Yumi Kawamura

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