February 20, 2014

Ninja Run Through Super Mario Bros. Results in Lowest Possible Score

YouTuber NotEntirelySure recently uploaded video of a run through Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros., attaining the game's lowest possible score.

A measly 500 points is the absolute minimum a player can achieve, awarded simply for clearing the flag at the end of each stage with zero seconds left on the clock. No blocks were broken, no coins collected, and no koopas were harmed in the making of this video.

I like some of the showboating NotEntirelySure integrates into the run, such as bumping some invisible 1-up blocks just for the heck of it, and riskily leaping over piranha plants at their highest point for no practical reason other than to speed things along. While this isn't a tool-assisted run, there is some light use of game glitches. In 4-2, Mario's facing and positioning is used to access a warp zone without having to bump the coin blocks that would normally be required to reach a vine. Also, in 8-1, there's a jump where Mario actually bounces off the side of a chasm, which I would have been tempted to label as shenanigans. But, as is well documented, this game is full of weird little tricks and imperfections, so as long as everything here it theoretically repeatable I see no need for disqualification. It's all the product of skill, timing, and experience.

Congrats on the run, NotEntirelySure! Mario left hardly a footprint in the dust...

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