April 21, 2014


We've got two bits of cool news regarding U.K.-based chiptune artist Blake "PROTODOME" Troise, today! The first: he's released a nifty little EP, CHIPFUNK. The second: his previous album, BLUESHIFT, is now available to download for free!

PROTODOME's music is a cheery and easygoing blend of jazz, funk, and pop, created with various electronic synth instruments and usually having a "videogamey" quality. I keep it around for whenever I need some cute, perky tunes with a happy vibe.

Both CHIPFUNK and BLUESHIFT can be listened to online, or downloaded, completely free -- or you may name your price and throw PROTODOME any amount you think is fair.

Also, if you missed previous releases BLUENOISE and BLUESCREEN, feel free to check them out as well! They're also free.

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